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101030 ART:WORK Contract
Yoshihiro Kawasome & Rad.Commons

ART:WORK Contract is an art project to employ/exploit an artist for mass-production of the ultimate art for 24 hours. Yoshihiro Kawasome the employee and Rad.Commons the employer agreed upon ART:WORK Contract to be implemented on 30 Oct, 2010, in accordance with the Art Labor Ethics "Art is Art."

As a part of the project, the exhibition at TANA consists of two copies of the contract document alone, and the whole project will be archived on the website.

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10.10.31 18:00
ART:WORK Contract implementation (at Twitter #artlabor24)

Art-Labor Thanksgiving Day (Closing Live/Party)

Artist Information:

Yoshihiro Kawasome
(Employee / Art Labor)

A performer, musician, gadget player or "the ultimate artist", energetically exploring frontiers of extra-categorical communication through bodily, verbal and physical interventions in the space wherever he finds his audience.

"My live performance may look awkward, much humorous and hard to understand, but I think it ideal if you can go over such first impression and feel something deep behind it, as if discovering unknown art in an uninhabited island while still being unable to understand its logic. That is the ultimate goal of my art.
I believe people can understand each other, even with different values and life-styles, as long as we try earnestly believing so. No matter how small it would be, I wish it has made something good for the peace little by little.
Please "feel" as well as "see" and "hear" my performance. I've long devoted my life and soul to this expression. With the spirit of Lo-Fi, I'm pursuing avant-garde, experimental music, sound/performance art.
I propose a new concept "microscope art" to show you the universe within things in extremely small scales as if looking into a microscope. You need to experience it actually. It's almost impossible to convey with words. A few examples from my past works; practice of finger snap, sneeze music utilizing hay fever, one-man simultaneous rap with 9 redordings of dubbed rap, sound performance with a ping pong ball, string phone rap, amplified heart-beat BPM manipuration, a theater on a music score and the like.


TANA's owener-designer-director, and the beneficiary of the hardly reciprocal ART:WORK Contract to abuse artistic productivity of an innocent earnest gifted artist.

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