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110612 TANA Gallery Bookshelf Presents
Bookworms Bizarre Bazaar
12 June SUN - 25 June SAT, 2011

The super fabulous independent art space TANA Gallery Bookshelf will organize a secondhand book bazaar as a charity project for the super great legendary art workshop Bigakko, whose bookshelf TANA has occupied without paying the alleged monthly rent of about 25 bucks ever since its grand opening, thanks to its forgiving and understanding director Kozo Fujikawa.

For the bazaar period the gallery space will be filled up with secondhand books, left unmanned as usual with a protection acrylic, and visitors will reserve books from titles available in the list. Books will be handed over at the closing party Bookworms Bizarre Bazaar Buzz, or via unpaid TANA agents afterwards, to the person who reserved it, or when competed, who offered the most respectable price.

Visitors can enjoy unlimited freedom to pay as much as possible, and the money flow is nothing transparent as is often the case with charity and art gallery.


Bookworms Bizarre Bazaar Buzz
25 June 2011 (SAT)

Releasing reserved books, with DJs, drinks, and good food. You can buy leftover books at lower or higher or much higher price. Also nobody will stop you selling your books or belongings at the party. Visitors with snacks and drinks must be highly respected.

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