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111016 Beatriz Inglessis
The primary scene : cabinet panoramic
11.10.16 SUN - 11.11.18 FRI

In psychoanalysis, the primal scene refers to the child witnessing the sex act between his parents and relates it to the very moment of his creation. It is assumed that this episode has a strong impact on the psychosexual development of the child as it forces him to confront, for the first time, the terror of his origin. "The Primal Scene: Cabinet Panoramic" speaks of the need to face the mystery of the unknown source of our existence and the terror of witnessing what we don't really know.
Beatriz Inglessis: Born in Merida, Venezuela, Beatriz Inglessis currently works and lives in Tokyo, Japan. She attained her Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from The Art Institute of Boston in Boston MA (1999), and a MFA degree, with a specialization in Japanese Woodblock Printing, from Tokyo University of the Arts (2010). From 1993, the year of the First Salon Pirelli in Caracas, her work which explores the overlapping landscapes and ideologies of both aesthetic and scientific representations has been selected for almost every exhibition on contemporary Venezuelan art in the mayor museums of the Venezuelan capital, and exhibited in other countries, including Austria, Japan, and the US. Currently, after receiving a second term of the prestigious Japanese Ministry of Education "Monbusho" Scholarship (2010-2013), Beatriz Inglessis is in the second of three years of research and practice to complete her Doctorate in Fine Arts at the Tokyo University of the Arts.


Opening Party
2011.10.16 (Sun)
18:00 - 21:00

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