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120422 Anna Fryer
22(Sun) April - 25 (Fri) May 2012

INTERRUPTION / object N°1 is the first showing of an object from Anna Fryer's new series, INTERRUPTION. In her recent work Fryer concentrated on creating a group of symbols / forms that represent her ideas of movement. Inspired by the 1968 documentary Powers of Ten, by Ray and Charles Eames, Fryer interrupts the fluidity of motion resulting in still sculptural forms. At Tana she exhibits object N°1; originally part of a bigger interactive installation work that has been scaled to the dimensions of the gallery's space.

Anna Fryer, born in Warsaw, Poland. Works and lives in Tokyo. Received her MA in History of Art from Warsaw University in 2004, and an MFA in painting, from Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in 2005. Fryer operates somewhere between painting and installation, her work is focused on ideas of shape, color and scale. Fryer's work is about movement, relations between objects, surfaces, and she relates to the idea of continuity across shifts in scale (from small to big) and perception (close to far). Fryer creates paintings, installations and collaborative art works.

In 2009, she had her first solo show "ATMOSPHERIC" at PRAHA Project Space. She has been awarded the Erasmus-Socrates Scholarship to study at the Falmouth College of Art, and the Kaiseikai Foundation Scholarship in 2009. Fryer has participated in multiple residency programs; at the Zerodate Art Center, PRAHA Project Space and the KAiR Kamiyama Artist in Residence program. Currently, as a recipient of the Japanese Ministry of Education "Monbusho" Scholarship, Anna Fryer is finalizing her Ph.D. in Fine Arts at the Tokyo University of the Arts.

She has exhibited in Poland (Bielska Gallery BWA, Bielsko Biala; Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw), Japan (3331 ART CYD, The University Art Museum - Tokyo University of the Arts; Kandada Project Space; PRAHA Project; 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa; Zerodate Art Center; BankArt Studio NYK), Korea (Moran Gallery, Seoul), Germany (KulturBrauerei, Berlin), and in Italy (Fondazione Romualdo del Bianco, Florence).


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