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121125 Aquiles Hadjis
Love Letter
25(Sun) November - 23 (Sun) December 2012

TANA Gallery Bookshelf is pleased to present Aquiles Hadjis' new solo exhibition "Love Letter" in pursuit of his enduring artistic interest, love as the irresistible and the ephemeral, through a sculptural installation devised with a symmetric mechanism representing the gravity of encounter. Along with his another work "Prelude to a Kiss" released prior to this exhibition, "Love Letter" explores possibility of capturing the elusive and fragile moment in an extended and otherwise insensible timeframe.

Born in Venezuela and currently based in Tokyo for Oil Painting MFA program in Tokyo University of the Arts, Aquiles Hadjis has actively developed his expression ranging from drawing and painting to electro-mechanical installations and research-based projects, including his recent activity in experimental sound/music performance. Playfully improvising with diverse media and technologies, his creation freely penetrates various fields of artistic production and boldly trespasses upon their coded realms beyond canons of the art history and agendas of the contemporary art.

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