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130120 Jack McLean
Shrivel Up (in case of emergency, break glass)
20 (Sun) January - 8 (Fri) February 2013 [EXTENDED]

TANA Gallery Bookshelf is pleased to present Jack McLean's brand new solo show "Shrivel Up (in case of emergency, break glass)" courtesy of The Container gallery in Naka-Meguro, Tokyo. Using his trademark pink tube-balloons for a sculptural installation that fully exploits time and space in a tiny shelf, Jack McLean calmly tells us a still and quiet tragicomedy, or a forlorn epic story very unlikely to come out true, where we, alienated human species, face the joys and sorrows of our civilized life.

Jack McLean studied art at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art graduating with a Master of Fine art degree. His work comprises of drawing, performance/interventions, video and sculpture. Most of his work is centred on drawing as the initial important stage of creation. The performance/interventions, videos and sculptures become three-dimensional extensions of the drawings. The general themes of the drawings and related other works are an acceptance of the futility of human endeavour, a delight in the absurdity of the human species and an emphasis on humour as a collective point of access.

Opening Reception

January 20 (Sun) 2013
18:30 - 21:30
with a performance act of Accumulated Sound of Idiocy by Jack McLean

Artist Information

Jack McLean - artist website
( Jack McLean appears by courtesy of The Container and Shai Ohayon)

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