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130316 Norio Takamatsu
Gayla Kite, 1985
16 (Sat) March - 12 (Fri) April 2013

TANA Gallery Bookshelf is pleased to present "Gayla Kite, 1985" by a Japanese painter Norio Takamatsu, two exhibitions held together with nam gallery in Sasazuka, Tokyo. The exhibition in nam gallery displays more than 50 pieces from his previous works as decoration of the gallery's lounge to steal into the space and change its atmosphere very subtly, while the one in TANA Gallery Bookshelf features a mural newly produced in the exact size of the gallery wall. Gayla Kite is a triangle kite designed by NASA in the mid-1970s based on the latest flight dynamics of those days, having since achieved phenomenal popularity in Japan for about two decades, coming strongly connected to the most personal childhood memory of the artist back in 1985.

Born in 1978 in Hyogo in Japan, Norio Takamatsu learned photography at IMI then painting at Pallete Club, both known for their alternative art education, and started as a professional illustrator but has now come back to his more intimate artistic pursuit with the painting as retrieving his memories once lost as objective records but still driving his graphic language metaphorically. Through his visual flâneur in the midst of the labyrinth of images scattered in everyday life, Norio Takamatsu has developed his own style in all-hand-painted fake collage painting, under certain influence by American new painting artists in the 1980s, but with its borders among different imageries softly seeping one another and emphasizing fragility rather than violently clashing all together and boldly torn apart.

Opening Reception

March 16 (Sat) 2013 @ nam gallery
(NOT in TANA Gallery Bookshelf)
18:30 - 22:30
The opening party will feature live painting by Norio Takamatsu and performance by Satoshi Kanda & biki (from HimoAwaKiri, a live-physical experiment unit).

Artist Information

Norio Takamatsu - artist website

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