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130908 Kei Houraku
8 (Sun) September - 10 (Sun) November 2013

TANA Gallery Bookshelf is pleased to present a new exhibition by Japanese painter and photographer Kei Houraku. The exhibition "MELT" features his brand new painting method that appropriates digital print materials beyond restrictions fundamental to painting and digital image production at once.

Deconstructing the given usage of digital print materials, Kei Houraku replaces digital data input with his own hand by directly painting on the print paper using printer ink. Colors melting one another through complex chemical reactions within a very thin physical layer, the resulting image destroys given resolution, color latitude, and latent grid structure inherent to the digital image processing, and creates a new "touch" that neither of analog and digital image productions has ever materialized.

Ubiquitous as one of the most heavily mass-produced/consumed art supplies in the age of digital reproduction we live today, digital print materials have produced literally "massive" reality around us and defined our visual perception very unconsciously. While Kei Houraku does not address explicitly social messages here, his ludic intervention to the major image production technology reveals hidden norms we take for granted and suggests how simple and beautiful it is to go out of their way.

Opening Reception

8 September (Sun)

Please come with snacks/drinks to share with your friends.
Opening reception will be held together with MMGGZZNN gathering below.

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