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140318 Sam Stocker
A Liber Novus
March 18 (Tue) - June 9 (Mon) 2014

TANA Gallery Bookshelf is pleased to announce a new exhibition by Tokyo-based British artist Sam Stocker as an improvisational form of research into vernacularities of Jinbocho - an old town where the gallery building Bigakko is located.

The exhibition progress is updated on A Liber Novus blog:

Stocker's work is developed through a set of responses to space and the history of the area around the exhibition site. Since 2008, his practise has been concerned with developing work that uses the influence of Japanese art and architecture on British design. He is currently studying on Prof. Sakaguchi’s oil painting masters degree course at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

His projects to date have mostly been concerned with interior space and domestic architecture, however more recently his work has included collaboration and performance, where the work has started to engage the notion of how people live and engage with public spaces.

For the exhibition at the Tana Gallery Bookshelf, there will essentially be three phases. The first will be making an installation that directly responds to the exhibition space and interior of Bigakko and the architecture of the area around Jinbocho.

Secondly from research into the history of Jinbocho, working with ideas and themes from the time around 1913, a period when Jinbocho was rebuilt. This also falls within the Taisho period, when western modernism and ideas of the individual/self began to take more prominence in Japanese culture.

The area, which is famous for books and publishing houses, reflected what was being produced in Japan during the Taisho period and what that may have in terms of a parallel in the western world.

With the theme of individual/self in mind, a parallel is being drawn between the I-novel and the Carl Jung book "Liber Novus". Which he started working on in 1913. Jung’s book is a journal of paintings and writings with interludes of fiction in which he wrote down everything he experienced, saw and felt. For Jung this process is said to have embodied an educational experience, one of the main aspects of this process was to embrace both the good and the bad within his own thinking.

In this exhibition, Sam Stocker is using Jung’s method of self-reflection to relate to this period of Japanese history, and to engage with ideas of site-specific art in relationship to thinking about Jinbocho.

The final phase will begin on the 11th of May at a performance event that will take place in Bigakko. Featuring performances from Sam Stocker, Jack McLean, Aquiles Hadjis, Satoshi Ikeda, Rene Van Munster, Jun-ichi Kamiunten, with more acts to be announced.

Opening Reception

March 18 (Tue)

Performance Event

May 11 (Sun)
[no entrance charge]
Featuring performances by:

Aquiles Hadjis
Drew Barthelemy
Jack McLean
Junichi Kamiunten
Madoka Kono
Miyuki Sudo
Rene Van Munster
Sam Stocker
Satoshi Kanda + biki
Satoshi Ikeda
Trio in Quartet Solo
Yow Funahashi

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