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140511 Book Launch
Sam Stocker et al.
May 11 (Sun) 2014 15:00-19:00 [admission: free]

A performance event to celebrate two books launches featuring:

- Aquiles Hadjis [ self-made instruments ]
- Drew Barthelemy [ TBD ]
- Jack McLean [ performance ]
- Junichi Kamiunten [ sax ]
- Madoka Kono [ tape recorder, etc. ]
- Miyuki Sudo [ voice ]
- Rene Van Munster [ cello ]
- Sam Stocker [ reading / performance ]
- Satoshi Kanda + biki [ strings + bubble ]
- Satoshi Ikeda [ contemporary music ]
- Trio in Quartet Solo [ concrete sounds ]
- Yow Funahashi [ sax ]

Sam Stocker and TANA Gallery Bookshelf would like to invite you a live performance event held alongside Stocker's solo exhibition "A LIBER NOVUS" currently on view. The performing artists are selected by both Stocker himself and the gallery, exploring and experimenting the theme of individuality through various approaches such as theatrical performance, contemporary music, sound/spatial improvisation, self-made instruments, book reading and the likes.

For this "Book Launch" event Stocker will also present two books from which he will be reading during his performances, one a collaborative performance and the other a solo reading. The first book is a selection of sketches and writings made within a book. The second book is a selection of writings by the artist himself and includes texts from the “Taisho Democracy” period in Japan and from art texts and writings in the western world in the same period.

The original installation “A LIBER NOVUS” will also be extended for the performance day.

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