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150403 Saki Nagatani
Saki Nagatani by Saki Nagatani
2015.04.03 (Fri) - 04.14 (Tue) @ HIGURE 17-15 cas 1F

TANA Gallery Bookshelf is pleased to present the first solo exhibition by Japanese painter Saki Nagasaki at HIGURE 17-15 cas in Nippori, Tokyo.

This self-titled exhibition introduces Nagatani's latest experimentation with highlighter drawing and Liquitex marker painting, including large scale hand-stained textile works. Beneath very noticeable girly elements, her use of muted colors and asymmetric compositions demonstrate rich influence from anti-entropic Japanese arts and designs, which makes her work to be a unique contemporary successor of still unexhausted cultural heritage of the tradition. Despite her almost exclusive focus on femininity Nagatani rarely speaks out loudly about motifs and themes, but eloquent choreographies of her imagery allude today's slightly but definitely de/re-gendered sexual identities proliferated in contemporary Japan, in such an elusive manner as to remain ever ambiguous and mysteriously intimate.

Saki Nagatani was born in 1991 in Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan, studied fine art in Musashino Art University in Tokyo, and now works as a freelance on various art projects and commission works including collaboration with fashion brand Sally Scott for a window painting in their flagship store in Harajuku, Tokyo. Nagatani mainly works on two dimensions in a range of methods and materials, from artist books to murals, while maintaining her easily recognizable visual language.

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