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150403 Yoko Naito
Lunar Sexual
2015.04.03 (Fri) - 04.14 (Tue) @ HIGURE 17-15 cas 2F

TANA Gallery Bookshelf is pleased to present an exhibition by Japanese female painter/woodblock printmaker Yoko Naito at HIGURE 17-15 cas in Nippori, Tokyo.

Among her various styles and themes, the exhibition "Lunar Sexual" focuses on her Nihonga [Japanese painting] works on the motif of androgyny as the origin of a core human drive for the other half as narrated in Plato's "Symposium," which compares it to the moon floating somewhere between the sun and the earth forever. Deviating from conventional imageries of the genre, Naito exploits Nihonga materials with harsh brash strokes, creating drips and bleeds of ink across the paper, and captures impetus for the other half in calligraphic dynamics and abstraction.

Yoko Naito was born in 1985, in Chigasaki city, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. Having left high school before graduation, Naito became an autodidact and started painting with a variety of techniques from oil painting, Nihonga [Japanese painting], ink drawing to woodblock printmaking. She also has closely collaborated with experimental musicians such as sound-improviser/composer Tetuzi Akiyama, occasionally producing "Enha [circle wave]" multiples with her artwork dedicated to collaborators' sound/music and organizing performance event "Nami no Kai [wave meeting]." Naito's work always reflects her interest in harmony and androgyny inherent to the human being as well as in an ancient Zen belief in mind-body unity.

Yoko Naito website

HIGURE 17-15 cas
3-17-15 Nishi-Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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